It was a mob scene backstage at Burberry when Cara Delevingne was in the makeup chair.

We snagged two (just two!) minutes in the makeup chair with
Cara Delevingne—Burberry It girl, London Fashion Week’s hottest model, and model of the year at the 2012 British Fashion Awards.

Burberry Beauty artistic consultant Wendy Rowe checks Delevingne’s mascara.

Delevingne’s top beauty advice for aspiring models:
1. Practise makes perfect. “Get the biggest heels possible and make sure you practise walking in them. A lot. I had to learn that the hard way by being laughed at [laughs].”
2. Take care of your feet. “Buy a foot bath spa thing. That’s always good. And Epsom salts to bathe in at nighttime.”
3. Keep it simple when it comes to skin care. Her go-to item: “Simple face wipes.” On facials?: “I haven’t had time.”
4. Most importantly, always ask for extra mascara. As Burberry Beauty artistic consultant Wendy Rowe finished up Delevingne’s makeup (a subtle, nod to the ’60s with a golden glow—more to come on that in the next post), Delevingne pouted sweetly and pleaded for extra mascara on her bottom lashes. “See, I can’t give special treatment,” Rowe replied with a coy smile before applying a few extra coats to Delevingne’s top lashes. “Oh, that little bit of mascara is all the extra!” Delevingne cooed as she ran off to hair.
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