LFW Diary: A brush with Anna and my highlight reel

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A sleek runway look from Thomas Tait’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Image courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

I was seated a row behind Anna Wintour at the Roksanda Ilincic show today, and as I waited for the everything to start, I watched Wintour interact with the crowd. A woman in her mid-thirties slid into the empty seat next to the
Vogue editrix. “Will you take a picture with me?” she asked hopefully. Wintour, barely looking at the woman, gave the tiniest flick of her head. A bodyguard took the woman’s phone and
snapped a quick pic of the pair. I watched, mouth agape, as the BlackBerry was then surrendered to Anna Wintour to approve the image. She apparently didn’t like what she saw, so they
posed for another. This one was more to her liking, and the woman was given back her phone, minus the unsatisfactory picture, and dismissed. It was weird. But then again, it’s Day Five of
London Fashion Week, and everyone’s getting a bit weird. First of all, the tents are like
Contagion. On Day One, a few people were coughing. Now, by Day Five, you can’t escape the raspy, sniffling editors, who have been subsisting on little more than coffee and champagne for days now. The paps are starting to feel it too. During the Roksanda Ilincic show, a model missed her turn on the runway, and accidentally bypassed photogs in the pit—there was a serious uproar. The forty or so photographers started to scream in protest, and the poor girl had to keep walking like nothing had happened. “She just died a little bit inside,” whispered the editor next to me.
Read on for Alannah’s highlight reel from day 5 at London Fashion Week!

Highlight reel
-The graffiti’d, skate park venue where
Thomas Tait held his spring/summer 2013 show would have been incredible if the weather had been nicer. But the weather was dreadful. It was that type of cold that gets right into your bones and sticks around for hours. Luckily, Thomas Tait is an incredible designer. After days of
OTT prints, Tait’s elegant minimalism was a welcome change. I especially loved the sloping silhouette of his outerwear, and the white Beatle-boots that his models wore.

A runway look from Mulberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 show. Image courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

-There’s always a healthy dose of quirk at
Mulberry shows. This season, garden gnomes lined the walls of Claridges, while people handed out bottles of juice and slices of delicious rainbow cake (to say the crowd was delighted at the sight of food would be putting it mildly. At this point in the season, all solid food is appreciated.) Poodles appeared alongside models on the runway, and boldfaced names—including
Kate Moss, Gillian Anderson, Alexa Chung, Lana del Rey, plus a couple
Downton Abbey cast members (Anna and Cora). Alvin & the Chipmunks supplied runway music, as did Monty Python. Models did their final walk to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from
Life of Brian.

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