Here at ELLE Canada, we adore street style photography. (You can check out evidence of our obsession on the ELLE Word blog, where we feature our favorite guerilla fashion pics daily!) But what makes an amazing photo? We asked our resident international street style photographer, Nicole Comeau, for some advice on how to get noticed outside the tents. A veteran snapper, Comeau’s pictures have been featured everywhere from Vogue UK to Details magazine, and during fashion month you can find her rubbing elbows with Scott Schuman and Bill Cunningham. Here are Comeau’s top tips for getting noticed by the fashion pack.

Street style tip: Wear colour
“Colour will always get our attention,” Comeau says. “Black and navy don’t photograph well. In a sea of fashionistas, I always look for unexpected hues because they pop when you publish the image!” This season, cobalt and oxblood ruled the runways, so anything in those top colours will be sure to make a statement.

Street style tip: Accessorize
“For most people, putting together a ‘wow-outfit’ can be too expensive,” says Comeau. “Accessories are a great way to grab attention. Cool shoes or boots, a handbag—it’s easier to have unusual details than it is an unusual head-to-toe look.” Channel this season’s opulent baroque vibe with a beaded Valentino shoulder bag or oversized Lanvin earrings. Love the look but hate the prices? Check out H&M and Zara for some fashion-forward, affordable accessories

Street style tip: Don’t try too hard
“Sometimes, people try so hard, they tend go through their entire wardrobe and throw it together at the same time. There’s no sophistication to it,” Comeau says. “People that are too flashy are too obvious. It looks tasteless and gaudy. To me, that’s not interesting. There’s a lot to be said for understated elegance.” While people who wear their shower curtains as a dress willl likely get photographed, ask yourself: is this the image I want popping up everytime someone googles my name?

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Street style tip: Have confidence

One of the things we always look for is attitude—how you carry yourself.” Comeau says. “Are you overwhelmed? Or are you confident and assured? When you walk across the space, are we curious about you? Interesting subjects always create a big conversation amongst the photographers! We’ll say to each other, “Have you seen her? Or, oh, wow, look at that!” Comeau laughs. So, remember ladies—shoulders back, head up, and even if you’re completely overwhelmed by the street style circus in front of you, fake it till you make it!

Street style tip: Create a signature look.

“There’s an editor at
Harper’s Bazaar, Joanna Hillman, who always wears Ray Ban glasses and red lipstick,” Comeau says. “It’s very her! Every season, her clothes change, but she still carries over that look.” Think about it:
Anna Wintour has her bob, Suzy Menkes has her pouf, Grace Coddington has her mane of fiery red hair. All the top editors have a trademark, that makes them instantly recognizable. Why not follow their lead?

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