How to walk in high heels in five easy steps

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dsquared2pump2My new six-inch Dsquared2 pumps. 

At around 6:30 this morning I rolled out of bed—and instead of putting on my comfy sheepskin-lined slippers—I slipped into my new six-inch heels from DSquared2. Since I lost two-thirds of the meniscus in my right knee, let’s just say I’ve lost a little confidence that my pins can withstand that kind of vertiginous pressure. But I have to be on my game tonight when I join
Dan and Dean at the inaugural
Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards at the Royal York Hotel. The famous Toronto-born designer twins are up for the Outstanding Achievement Award as well as the International Canadian Designer of the Year honour. I met them last night to be fitted for a dress that I’ll be wearing to the awards. It’s gorgeous—and definitely a little more body con then my usual biomorphic silhouette. “You put on – what do they call it –
Spanx and you’ll look like a
sirena,” Valentina, the twin’s PR manager said to me when I emerged feeling a little self conscious. “
Sirena, how do you say that in English?” she asked. “A mermaid,” smiled Luca, the charming stylist who then gently lifted my foot into the suede stilts.

Read on to discover the five "how to walk in heels" pointers  that I’ve gleaned from models, stylish women and a few of my friends who do a little drag on the side. 

Tonight, I’ll be singing Gloria Gloria Gaynor’s tune "I will survive…."


1. If the shoe fits…  It seems elementary to remind anyone that you should be sure they’re a good fit, but who hasn’t been seduced by the wrong shoe? Like men, we think we’ll mold them into the perfect specimen. #wonthappen.

2. Be a heel … The number one mistake women make is that they gingerly walk on their toes, with their knees bent. (You look like Mr. Burns from the 
Simpsons dressed in drag.) Heel to toe. Heel to toe. Heel to toe. Repeat.
3. Practice makes perfect … It takes commitment! Breakfast in stilettos, anyone?
4. Line up… Imagine you’re walking on a straight line and place one foot in front of the other. This will give you that effortlessly looking sway that models have mastered on the runway. Relax, swing your arms and develop your signature walk.
5. Attitude adjustment … I read a recent quote from 
Jeanne Beker in the 
Globe and Mail on what it takes to wear heels. In a nutshell: Suck it up, buttercup. “High heels have always elevated me in so many ways. I have had painful moments in my heels, but often it’s a question of mind over matter. There are times when you just have to commit. You just decide that the image and the look you’re after is more important than the physical pain, and then you just do it. You strut it! Some people probably think I’m nuts for wearing super high heels from nine to five. I try to do it with aplomb and on those days that I just can’t bear it, I pack it in and go home early.” So tonight, Jeanne, I’m going to strut it.
PS: Our editors will be tweeting from the awards on Feb. 1, starting at 6:30, so stay tuned for all the beauty buzz and style scoop from the Canada’s biggest fashion event of 2014 so far.
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