How Canadian designers toast the end of summer

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summerpasttimePhoto by Leda & St. Jacques.

Prada swimsuits,
fruity cocktails and summer tunes – we’re already getting nostalgic for the season and it’s not even over yet (yes, we still have "Blurred Lines" at the top of our playlist). With the final weeks and one long weekend drawing near, we’re packing up the car for one final road trip,
slathering on the sunscreen (but do this year-round) and indulging in our
favourite summer scents to soak up as much as we can of summer. To help, we asked the designers behind some of our favourite
Canadian fashion labels how they’re fêting the last few weeks of the season. Mind if we tag along?
How do some of our favourite Canadian designers spend the final weeks of summer? Click to read on!
"Taking a road trip: there’s nothing more relaxing than driving and listening to audio books along the way. This summer, we drove to Chicago and visited Frank Lloyd Wright houses. It was nice to be inspired by my other passion – architecture. We even visited this yard sale at a Frank Lloyd Wright house, which only can only happen on a road trip!"
-Rachel Sin "Baking is one of the main things I do to unwind when I am not working on Birds of North America. My favourite food in the world is apple pie, so in the fall I usually welcome the beginning of apple season with a few homemade pies!"
-Hayley Gibson, designer, Birds of North America
CANADIAN FASHION: What does the future hold? "Drinking on a terrasse with friends."
-Travis Taddeo "My fiance and I always try to take a mini vacation at the end of the summer. We are both so busy it can be difficult to get away during the summer months, and it’s a great time to go away because it’s very quiet – everyone has settled back into work or school so it’s very peaceful."
-Sarah Stevenson
OVER TO YOU! What’s your favourite way to toast the end of summer?
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