Look from Jeremy Laing’s Fall 2013 runway.

There’s something special about coming home—whether it’s for your mom’s cooking on weekends or a uniquely made item that could have come from nowhere else. That’s how we feel about Canadian fashion and shopping in our own backyard for the latest on-trend looks by local designers. “We have a very small market but it encourages new up and coming designers to pursue their dreams,” says Erin Nadler, a Toronto-based stylist and image consultant for Better Styled, who cites Toronto designer Jeremy Laing’s rise to global prominence as proof.

And when you wear Canadian labels, “it forces new fresh product into the market and it encourages the designers who have been around a long time to step it up and be on their game, and try something different.” Not to mention, supporting Canadian fashion and fashion designers helps bolster our economy. See, everybody wins?


Nadler rounds up the top Fall 2013 trends and to how to shop for Canadian and made-in-Canada designs this season from top local fashion designers (maple leaves not necessarily included).

Fall 2013 Canadian fashion: Made in Canada?
When it comes to Canadian fashion, it’s important to note the fundamental difference between designed in Canada and actually produced right here at home. “When you really start doing some research, what you find is that while there are a lot of really fabulous Canadian collections and Canadian stores, most of the product is not produced in Canada,” explains Nadler.

“If you want to support Canadian—a broad Canadian spectrum of lines— go ahead. But if you want to support the Canadian economy, and support a Canadian–made product, then really its about finding a designer who believes the same thing as you.” Canadian label M0851, for example, manufactures their leather goods—bags, bomber jackets— right in Montreal, as does popular footwear brand La Canadienne.


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Look from Jeremy Laing’s Fall 2013 runway.

Fall 2013 Canadian fashion: Invest in leather

Like the rest of the fashion set,
we’re really into leather this season (and forever). “Leather jackets, bags— those pieces are going to be really strong and are important in a woman’s wardrobe,” Nadler explains. “Especially a piece of leather that can
go easily from in the office to on the weekend.”

Opt for a brightly coloured made-in-Canada leather handbag from go-to favourite Danier, or the Montreal-based brand Rudsak. “The leather all-around—leather trim, details, jackets—are going to be strong for the season,” says Nadler. For a modern and funky take on the leather trend, try Toronto-based label VAWK. “Sunny [Fong] is known for doing really edgy pieces, so that line is edgy but has a feminine, sexy appeal too.”

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Fall 2013 Canadian fashion: Your must-have statement jacket

An always-classic staple, the statement jacket is especially prominent this fall. “Wear it with jeans on the weekend or mix in with
your office wear, or wear over a dress,” suggests Nadler about the myriad of bomber, biker and
trench coats seen on the Fall 2013 runways. “For statement jackets, there’s nobody better than Smythe,” says Nadler about the Toronto-based designer duo of Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe behind the label. Think classic cuts with noted detailing in the trim or seriously edgy patterns. “Whether it’s a tweed or a houndstooth or blown-up herringbone, it’s going to be a classic piece that you can wear season after season.”

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canadiandesignerscanvas.jpgLook from Jeremy Laing’s Fall 2013 runway.

Fall 2013 Canadian fashion: All things colour
Whether it’s cobalt blue, camel brown or bubblegum pink, “Another important trend for the season is colour,” says Nadler. Think black and red-plaid jackets, houndstooth detailing and polka dots. Coloured denim is always a must for the fall. “One of my favourite lines is Second Denim,” says Nadler about the Montreal-based label. “They’re known for the yoga jean and are all manufactured in Canada.”

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Fall 2013 Canadian fashion: Oh-so feminine
If there was ever a time embrace your girly side—particularly your affinity for Grace Kelly circa her silver screen Hitchcock heyday—now’s your chance to proudly don your sheer chiffon and bow detailing pieces. “Blouses on their own with jeans, and that sheer blouse look has been going on for a few seasons now,” says Nadler. But this time around, “there’s a feminine twist to the underpinnings of suiting.” Try MATIS by Canadian designer Lucian Matis for his signature feminine twists and prints.


As the black and white trend continues strongly into fall, Toronto favourite Joeffer Caoc’s Fall 2013 collection offers a slew of leather and tweed jackets with chiaroscuro herringbone prints. “He’s been around for very long time but always manages to reinvent himself,” says Nadler. “He’s really picked up on the colour and feel of the season.” The ruffled dresses, jersey Lycra pencil skirts, cable jacquard vests—“those are great signature pieces, but you’re investing in a Canadian designer.” Which means you’re getting a piece made with high-quality fabrics that’s going last while supporting Canadian labour at the same time. Bonus? “There’s more to do with the pieces that you select more carefully,” she says. How very Canadian of us.

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