Holiday 2012 spotlight: Canadian fashion personalities share their best holiday memories

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Canadian model Dajana. Image courtesy of Elmer Olsen Model Management.

There’s something about this time of year that takes us back to the good times of holidays passed (and not in a foreboding, Ebenezer Scrooge kind of way). So this week we’re indulging in a little festive nostalgia by asking
top Canadian fashion personalities to share their warmest holiday memories. For maximum holiday spirit, best served with a candy cane hot chocolate (
or cocktail).
What’s your best holiday memory? "My best memory of the holidays would have to be when my late dog was still around. There’s no better memory than those of watching and playing with him in the snow during the holidays. Also, letting him have all the leftovers! How did he still stay in great shape?!"
—Dajana, model, Elmer Olsen "I always treasure the quiet time with my family once the presents have been opened and turkey eaten. That’s when we dig into new books or watch new DVDs and just enjoy each other’s company."
—Lisa Tant, VP fashion editor, Holt Renfrew "One of my favorite Christmas memories was in grade eight when I was chosen to sing solo in my school’s Christmas concert. Christmas carols always make me feel so festive and I love to sing, so it was one of the best experiences. I’ll never forget singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" in front of all the kids and parents!!"
—Dauphine, model, Elmer Olsen "Last Christmas – it was a very joyful one with family, a very happy night."
—Denis Gagnon, designer
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Kayleigh, four, (left) and Kendra Hagerman, Van City Pretty blogger (right) at approx. eight-years-old in their matching pajamas.

"I’d like to offer my apologies to my sister in advance for sharing this story. No one was injured, so we now laugh about this years later: One Christmas, my grandmother made my sister and I matching holiday nightgowns and night hats. We were taking stereotypical Christmas photos in front of the fireplace, when suddenly my sister (the bad child), snuck away from me (the good child). The next thing we knew, my sister came running into the living room, laughing hysterically, with her night hat on fire and soot all over her pajamas. After my mother put out the fire on my sister’s head, we realized that she discovered that a pop can tab fits perfectly in a light socket. Later that year, she also found out that a popcorn kernel fit perfectly in her nose."
—Kendra Hagerman, blogger, "Walking in the snow white field to go pick out our favorite fresh pine tree in Stowe, Vermont, where I spend most of my Christmases with my family."
—Nicole Comeau,
and ELLE Canada fashion week street style photographer "When I have the time, I love to cook an elaborate dinner for a house party. I love putting my event-planning skills to something smaller scale. Cooking and trying new recipes is so relaxing when you have the luxury of time and family around you."
—Rachel Sin, designer "Waking up Christmas morning one year to find snow on the ground (when it hadn’t snowed all December) and my hometown, Ottawa, was expecting a green Christmas."
—Andrew Lovesey, Toronto-based editor and ELLE Canada contributor "Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia, New Year’s Eve was the most significant day of the year. My sister and I would sleep all day so that we can stay up until midnight for the countdown with the grownups."
—Bojana Sentaler, designer, Sentaler Coats
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