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, Teen Vogue Two very brave teens, 17-year-old Emma Stydahar and 16-year-old Carina Cruz, staged a protest outside the
Teen Vogue offices this week, to raise awareness about the magazine’s overuse of photoshop and the lack of diversity within its pages. The teens were invited to meet with editors, but were surprised at the chilly reception they received. Here’s what happened: “We walked in, there was no handshake, no my name is, none of that. Just
You sit here, you sit here. So you wanted this meeting—what do you want to say?” Stydahar told
Jezebel. “We said, what is in our petition…They proceeded to take out handfuls of magazines with little Post-it notes in them, [marking], what they perceived to be diverse images. Most of them were thin African-American models. It was a good start—we love seeing women of colour in these magazines. But two or three an issue—and all of them super stick skinny—isn’t what we’re looking for.” Let’s just say it isn’t called Condé Nasty for nothing. [
Verdict: Don’t ever let the mean girls see you cry. (Silent tear in the bathroom at lunch)
Back to the banana stand The new season of Arrested Development is officially on. Jason Bateman tweeted a photo of Ron Howard and showrunner Mitch Hurwitz, with the caption “Taken at AD mission control today. All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!” Let’s all celebrate by watching
this hilarious clip. The world is better with Tobias Funke in it. [
Verdict: Gob Bluth’s
chicken dance clap.
Isn’t imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Chloë Sevigny
knows we’re making fun of her, people. On the topic of her
YouTube impersonator Drew Droege, Sevigny said “At first I thought
Oh they’re funny. They’re not even really me, they’re these weird art pieces.
But now? “I’ve turned a little. I’m slightly offended because he’s calling me pretentious, and I’m not.” Later in the interview, she admits that for the British premiere of her new film
Hit or Miss, she requested 20 dresses for consideration, but only received two. “Aren’t I one of the top searches on, for crying out loud?” she says. “How hard is it to get a f-ing dress from Valentino?” I frequently have the same problem, Chloë [
Verdict: A long venting phone call with Charlotte Rampling, Gaby Hoffman and Prrrrr-oenza Schouler.
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Coutorture How amazing was Dolce & Gabbana’s first couture show? Four people fainted and needed medical care. One unlucky editor fainted near the orchestra pit during a performance of Bellini’s opera 
Norma, held at an ancient Roman amphitheater. According to the
Telegraph‘s Luke Leitch, "First aid was provided by a doctor dressed as a druid who happened to be in that evening’s chorus. He prescribed ice-cream, and she soon recovered." Seriously. That’s a real thing that happened. [
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Verdict: Now I want ice cream.
Clickety Click The ELLE Canada office solved this
Lainey Gossip blind item. We think it’s Jon Hamm. Right? It’s totally Jon Hamm. Discuss. [
Lainey Gossip] Valentino was recently bought by the Qatari royal family for [cue Dr. Evil’s voice] a hundred BILLION dollars. Actually, it was only $857.5 million. But still. [
Globe and Mail] Jason Segel holds hands with Michelle William’s daughter Matilda. Can’t snark on that y’all, it’s too cute. [
Us Magazine] Kate Moss is starring in George Michaels new music video!!!! [
Vogue UK] Stupid people are having cosmetic surgery to slim down their toes. Toebesity is apparently a thing now. That sound you hear is me heaving a sigh so deep it breaks my ribs. [
Huffington Post] Demi Moore’s kids aren’t talking to her. Sad. Side note: MAN those girls look like Bruce Willis. Also sad. [
Us Magazine]