Free Katie How gossip-mazing is this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes situation? It has EVERYTHING. Creepy cults (check out the Scientology compound!
They have a sniper’s nest. A sniper’s nest!) Katie stealing away in the night.
Conspiracy Theories. A legal battle against
the richest man in Hollywood.
Nicole Kidman’s parental estrangement. And, the icing on the cake,
the potential for a Dawson’s Creek reunion! Although, come on, how could they do it without Jenn Lindley/Michelle Williams? Pretty sure she died of cancer in the finale because I cried for two days.
Verdict: One silent tear during a silent birth.
Hedi’s debut Here’s the run-down on Hedi Slimane’s first YSL—
scratch that, SLP—collection. Even though it was only shown to buyers (no press were present), a couple gabby Gertha’s opened up to
FT’s Vanessa Friedman. She writes: “The resort collection is said to be inspired by the early days of Saint Laurent—think of the famous photo Helmut Newton took for French Vogue in 1975 on Rue Aubriot, with a nude woman in stilettos standing next to another woman in a skinny tux with a blouse dripping a bow if you want the quick-twitch reference. So reports are of skinny suiting, always a Slimane signature, but also, more surprisingly (and interestingly) little silk dresses with bias-cut mini-skirts covered in tiny dots, the tops referencing the tux blouse, both sleeved and not, with a touch of Ossie Clarke. Considering Raf’s wow-inducing debut for Dior, we bet Slimane is feeling the pressure.
Verdict: Polite couture clap [
Suzy says Famed fashion critic Suzy Menkes didn’t like the Chanel Couture collection. “The problem with this collection, with all it’s genteel and fragile beauty,” she writes, “Is that it seemed dull.” Uh oh.
We all know what happened the last time someone criticized the Kaiser.
Verdict: Emphatic clapping…from the 12th row [
New York Times]
In other Suzy Menkes news, we loved this
Derek Blasberg tweet from two days ago: “Suzy Menkes is on the dance floor at the Valentino after party, whipping her trademark pouf around. Major!”
Verdict: Seriously major.
Stripper strife
Magic Mike co-stars Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum are feuding…oh, who am I kidding. All I really want to talk about it Tom and Katie. Did you know
Katie was spotted CRYING in New York today? If you had a crazy cult after you, you’d be crying too!
Verdict: Seriously, save Katie.
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