Fashion feud Hedi Slimane made his debut for Saint Laurent Paris, and let’s just say he started with a bang. When Cathy Horyn (who has taken a bit of a beating this season from uppity designers) wrote that she hadn’t been invited to the YSL show, presumably over a review she gave him eight years ago, Slimane responded with an “open letter” to the New York Times critic on his Twitter Feed, mocking her personal style and writing skills. Other journalists have since come forward to express disappointment that they had not been invited to Saint Laurent Paris, presumably over things they had written about the brand that were less than glowing. Here’s the thing: Editors edit. It’s our job. Critics critique. That’s their job. The Telegraph’s Lisa Armstrong put it well when she wrote “The man has taste. I would love to watch his evolution at this house. Judging by his apparent fear of any kind of objective criticism, however I fear I won’t be allowed back.” Verdict: Single tear, and please don’t ban us from future shows.

Happiest news Tom Ford and his partner Richard Buckley have announced the birth of their first son, Alexander John Buckley Ford. A huge congrats to the couple! Verdict: That’s going to be the best dressed kid in the universe.

Idol smackdown
There was a full-blown diva fight on American Idol this week. When Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey disagreed over a contestant during the audition phase in Charlotte, N.C., Minaj went after Carey, calling her names, referring to her as “her highness,” and threatening to knock her out.
Verdict: Slow clap. I might actually start watching
American Idol again.
Kimye redux Kanye West didn’t bring girlfriend Kim Kardashian to the Paris shows with him because he was afraid it would hurt his fashion cred. “He didn’t think it was good for his reputation,”
a source told the NY Daily News. “He didn’t want to hurt her feelings.” Kanye didn’t show his fashion line this season, but is reportedly already preparing for a March runway return, and has been spotted spending time with Pucci’s Peter Dundas, Riccardo Tisci and Karl Lagerfeld .
Verdict: If Riccardo Tisci, Peter Dundas and Karl Lagerfeld can’t help Kanye create a cohesive collection, then the rapper is doomed.
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