Five minutes with Erdem Moralioglu

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I actually had more like 45 minutes with the charming Montreal-born, London-based designer, but that story will run in an upcoming issue of the magazine. As
Erdem toured me through the
Paris showroom for his latest collection, he told me that some of his prints reminded him of Rorschach patterns. On that note, I put him through the paces with ELLE Canada’s express personality profile.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? "A jog by the canal, near where I live in
Biggest indulgence? "My books. I own over 1,000 of them. I have a huge library. They’re mainly  photographic collections. Just yesterday, I bought a Victorian-era photo album at a flea market…a family photo album."
Whom do you most admire, living or dead? "My mother."
If you could be a historical figure, who would you be? "That’s such a good question! Hmm…Napolean, but taller!" [laughs]
What’s the worst thing about your job? "When I doubt myself."
The best thing? "When something looks exactly as you imagined it to be. It’s wonderful."
Who is your favourite fictional character? "Rupert Bear."
What skill do you wish you had? "I wish I were ambidextrous."
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What would you bring to the afterlife? "A sense of humour!"
Tell me something about you that most people don’t know. "I’m an excellent whistler. Say, that’s a sign of nervousness, isn’t it?"
What well-known figure or celebrity do you have a crush on? "I was just in Café de Flore and I saw Bianca Jagger. She looks so beautiful, just gorgeous."
What would be the title of your memoir? "A Colourful Life."
What advice would you give your teenage self? "I would tell him that everything is going to be okay."
What’s your favourite fairy tale? "Does
The Wizard of Oz count? It’s not really Hans Christian Andersen, but I just love it."
What song lyrics do you know by heart? "’Bizarre Love Triangle’ by New Order."
Describe yourself in one word. "Happy."
Favourite colour? "Yellow. When I was kid, I had my room painted yellow. I think it’s a great colour."
What are your virtues and vices? "I’m a control freak. That’s both a virtue and a vice. But control is how one achieves things; it’s the idea of focus and discipline, on making sure that things happen exactly how you want them to. That is also where the vice comes in—when they don’t!" [laughs]
Your best dream? "It’s all happening now!"

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