“See now, buy now” is a big trend this fashion month. Everyone is talking about it and asking: Is the typical fashion show slowly becoming irrelevant?  It’s a big question.

Whatever the answer, brands are working hard to create buzz-worthy experiences that go way beyond purchasing a dress. 

This New York Fashion Week, Brit-brand Ted Baker skipped the traditional fashion show and instead launched a shoppable movie produced by Guy Ritchie and directed by emerging directors Crowns & Owls. The 3-minute film is as slick as any blockbuster and it’s a fashion feast for the eyes: Secret agent T.E.D. and a posse of fashionable agents fight a villan called “The Needle” to prevent a couture disaster. The best part? All the clothes and accessories in the movie are immediately shoppable on Tedbaker.com and Norstrom.com


Ted Baker also teamed up with Google to create the world’s first fashion application using Google App’s voice search. Customers can find a slogan on Ted Baker store windows, say the slogan to their phone’s app—and reveal prizes that can be claimed right inside the store. It’s a pretty fun way to connect the virtual world with an in-store experience.

“The digital world is so personal–it’s the individual’s relationship with their phone, tablet, or computer,” Ted Baker’s communications director Craig Smith said at the launch during a panel discussion about the changing landscape of fashion and technology. “The design of each Ted Baker store is unique, with whimsical details inspired by the city where each is located married to the British heritage which is intrinsic to our brand. We hope all of our customers feel uniquely connected to Ted in the same way our stores are uniquely connected to their surroundings.”

Lisa Green, who heads Google’s fashion and luxury team was also part of the panel. “We try to find ways where technology can amplify the creativity of each brand we work with and what they are already using,” she said. “It’s really fun, and I get to work with the coolest brands in the world and find ways where we can intersect and do something different to excite and delight customers.” Mission accomplished.

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