Shiseido’s artist director Dick Page is a tall, rather imposing character. He’s refreshingly frank and has an arch sense of humour. He also doesn’t suffer fools. “Nonsense!” he kindly admonishes me when I suggest I’m a little leery I could carry off the bold red lip he’s creating for Acne Studios backstage. “That’s nonsense. Don’t say that.”

It was the first time Shiseido was backstage at Paris Fashion Week and it was in part because they were in town to celebrate the launch of their new advertising campaign starring Asia Chow, Enikö Mihalik and Imaan Hammam. (They are the faces of the new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate.)

As for spring 2016 beauty trends, Page says he doesn’t spend time thinking about that. “I haven’t really seen anything, and I know it may sound crass, but I really don’t care,” he says. “I do what I’m doing. There are five million shows in the world and there’s something for everyone at the end of it.”

So, check out my backstage video and see if the spectacular lip Page created for Acne Studios inspires you to switch up your lip colour.


The look at Acne Studios was about the lip, but at Masha Ma it was the eyes that told the makeup story. M.A.C Cosmetics artist Alice Ghendrih said she wanted to create a look inspired by Berlin club kids who had been out all night at a party. “It’s rock and techno,” she explained backstage. “We used a special lip gloss for the eye and the shape is more ‘70s than ‘80s. We added a little shine on the skin because they’ve been out all night.” #rockon



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