Drinks at the chic Four Seasons, 6pm. You look at your three piece pinstripe suit, sans an accessory of any kind, and know it’s not going to made the style grade. What’s a girl to do?

Here, we share practical tips for smooth day-to-evening wardrobe transitions.

Amy Lu, fashion stylist with Judy Inc., says the easiest way to turn up the glam quotient for after-work parties without having to change out of your work attire entirely is with accessories. “Sparkly accessories and metallic fabrics from purses to shoes to blazers are everywhere and instantly punch up any work ensemble,” Lu says.

She also points out that the most traditional black suits and classic black shift dresses are actually the easiest outfits to dress up. “All you need to do after work is add some sparkly accessories, like a sequined scarf and metallic heels, and you’re set for the night!” If you’re already wearing a bright outfit, you don’t want to go into overkill with too many sequins and sparkles.

And, since jeans are now accepted work attire in many offices, you can definitely get away with wearing jeans to more laid back parties. For a casual yet elegant evening look, Lu suggests tucking jeans into tall sleek boots and adding a shimmery cropped bolero or shrug over a tank top. “This is a super sexy look that’s dressy without trying too hard,” she says.

Must-haves on the next page!5 ‘must have’ accessories

1 A pair of tall sleek boots

2 A pair of metallic heels

3 A velvet clutch

4 An embellished cropped blazer or bolero

5 Big chunky jewel-toned earrings

A fresh take on holiday glamour is the current Russian-chic trend. “This trend means there will be lots of luxurious fabrics like velvet in royal colors,” says Lu. Another quick way to transform your day look into a party-appropriate one is by wrapping a faux fur stole around your blazer.

3 ways to add sparkle to any outfit:

1 Wear a pair of bronze, gold or silver heels with peek-a-boo toes

2 Put on a sequined or beaded bolero.

3 Wrap a sequined scarf around your neck, or tie it around your waist as a sash with high-waisted trousers and a fitted blouse.

The finishing touch to any party look is polished makeup. And, when it comes to holiday parties, we’re allowed to up the ante with sparkle and shine. James Huang, makeup artist at Toronto’s Pir Cosmetics, offers these five makeup tips that you can pull off in minutes:

1 Use an eye liner pencil to line your upper lash line and then blend upwards with a q-tip to create sexy, smoky eyes for evening.

2 Dust some shimmer over your lower lids and just under your brow bone to highlight your eyes.

3 Highlight your cheekbones with a sheer highlighter for a healthy glow that’ll light up your face as you work the room.

4 Go with a touch of gold eye shadow for a festive, yet modern look.

5 Add tinted gloss on top of lipstick to create shiny, luscious lips.