Small-town boy
Thomas Beaudoin
Models for…Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban and Lise Watier.
Age 22.
Status Dating a fashion writer.
Second time lucky “I first modelled at a small annual fashion show in Drummondville, Qué., where I grew up. A week later, an agency in Montréal asked me to go see them right away. I waited three months before I called them back — I wasn’t that interested in modelling then.”

Style icons “Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and David Bowie all inspire me.”
Take a chill pill “I try not to think about the work or campaigns I’d like to land; it just puts you in a bad mood if you don’t get the jobs you want.”
Not just a pretty face “Before modelling, I wanted to be a police officer, then an architect, then a psychologist, then a physical therapist for athletes and, of course, who doesn’t want to be an actor?”
Shy guy “Before people get to know me, they think I’m fake and hard to approach, when really I’m just more reserved until I get to know people better.”
Show me the money “People think that all models live a perfectly glamorous life, but travelling around the globe as an independent worker in a financially unstable job can get really expensive.”
Divine intervention “People tell me I look like Jesus, which I find too funny!”
Best thing about modelling “I went to a Victoria’s Secret party last year and I was next to Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima — that was my top moment!”Prince of hearts
Brad Nickel
Models for…Calvin Klein Jeans.
Age 18.
Status Single, “but dating.”
Born In Edmonton; raised in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.
All in the family “My sister was modelling for Ford in Toronto and she gave the agency my pics and there you have it — I started modelling.”

Isn’t style just the pits? “I think Brad Pitt has kick-ass style, but then again it’s Brad Pitt; he could wear anything and the ladies would love it.”
If only I had a crystal ball “I think it would be amazing to do Gucci. The label has so much class, and the clothes are fantastic.”
Puppy love “My ultimate, all-time favourite model is Tyra Banks. She is bea-u-ti-ful!!”
Swan thong “When I did the Calvin Klein show in Milan, I had to wear a thong under my clothes and it was unbelievably uncomfortable. I can’t understand how women wear them!”
Best thing about modelling “Travelling. It’s amazing to see and experience things outside your own culture. The only bad thing about it is that it can get lonely. It would be great to share that with someone. Any takers?”

All male
Francisco Randez
Models for…Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male perfume. Age 27. Status Single.
Hometown Montréal.
Big break “When I was asked to be the image of Jean Paul Gaultier’s men’s perfume Le Male.”
Rebel without a cause “James Dean’s look is so timeless, sexy and daring.”
All-Canadian “I love Canadian designer Philippe Dubuc because of the elegance and slickness of his lines.” Simple sophistication “I wear trashy cowboy boots and a vintage ripped Nirvana T-shirt all the time!”
Best thing about modelling “Even though it took some effort to get where I am today, it’s not hugely time-consuming, which allows me to work on other projects.”Picture-perfect
Thierry Loriot
Models for…Zegna.
Age 27.
Status Single.
Hometown Québec City.
Model spotting “A fashion journalist approached me at a hotel opening in Québec City.”
The man rocks “Steve McQueen is the ultimate representation of style.”
Stay tuned “I never know the campaigns I’m working on ’til the last minute, but I will be in London Fog this fall.”

Don’t judge a book by its cover “When I tell people that I’m a model, first they laugh, then they ask me if I have to watch my weight or if everyone in the industry takes drugs, which we don’t.”
Such a sensitive guy “I’m happy we don’t have to get bikini waxes like women — ouch, that must hurt!” Best thing about modelling “I love the travelling — discovering new places, not needing reservations and all the concert and airline upgrades!”

Locker-room looker
Thierry Pepin
Models for…Polo Jeans, Ralph Lauren Romance perfume.
Age 22.
Status Taken.
Sign Libra.
Hometown “A little town called St. André in d’Argenteuil, an hour or so from Montréal.”
Two peas in a pod “My girlfriend, Kim, is also a model. We met at the gym where she works as a fitness trainer.”
Saturday night fever “I was discovered in a Montréal club by Giovanni’s agency. The following Monday I had an appointment.”
Competitive streak “I wake up every weekday by 5:30 a.m. to swim, bike and run with my team to prepare for fitness competitions.”
Ain’t got nothin’ but love, babe “I think Gisele Bündchen is amazing.”
I am man; hear me roar “One of my worst modelling experiences was sharing a two-bedroom apartment with five guys in Milan for over a month. Not so nice.”
Favourite designers “I wear mostly Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Hugo Boss.”
Start spreading the news “I’d love to get into movie production and direction. I’m looking into some classes at NYU.”
Best thing about modelling “Travelling to the best places in the world and meeting people from all over. It’s also great to be on the guest lists at all the clubs!”