Editor’s Pick: Christian Louboutin’s Cinderella glass slipper (price upon request)

Jul 13 2012 by
Categories : Fashion

To celebrate the re-release of Disney’s
Cinderella, Christian Louboutin was asked to take a stab at designing the princess’ iconic shoe. “Isn’t it everyone’s dream to once in your life be part of a fairy tale?” Louboutin says. The limited-edition glass slipper features crystal and lace, as well as two sparkling butterflies, and reminds me of a childhood fantasizing about handsome princes and happily ever afters. These slippers are for serious shoe collectors only: they aren’t available for purchase, but 20 pairs will be given away worldwide by Disney in the next year. (Translation: E-bay is your friend). Even though they’re a bit gaudy and over the top, don’t you just
die for them?
Christian Louboutin for Disney, price upon request. Visit Facebook.com/Cinderella for details Check out Christian Louboutin’s Cinderella sketch on the next page…


Categories: Fashion