Kylie Jenner, social media superstar, entrepreneur, and notable wig enthusiast is known for her bold fashion choices. Whether it be the sheer dress she wore to the VFiles show at New York Fashion Week this past season, or the heavy faux fur coat she donned during an afternoon in Los Angeles, we can get behind most of said fashion choices.

Lately, it seems that Kylie is on a mission to bring back the brand that you couldn’t escape in 2003. The brand we refer to is Von Dutch, which Kylie can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it’s a nod to reformed Von Dutch enthusiast Paris Hilton, who blazed a trail in the reality TV landscape.

Von Dutch first made its appearance on King Kylie’s Instagram when she posted a selfie wearing one of its infamous trucker hats (admit it, you owned one) last week. Since then, she has been spotted wearing the brand not, one, not two, but three (!) times. So we ask, has Kylie gone too far? Or do you find yourself unwillingly on the Von Dutch website eyeing the $39 trucker hat proudly emblazoned with the words “Von Dutch is still alive!?”

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