It’s possible that the most impressive thing about Barbie, aside from the Greta Gerwig film itself, is its colossal marketing rollout. Almost every brand got in on the party, from the expected (Zara and Target) to unexpected (Crocs and Coldstone Creamery). It looks like Chanel joined in on the fun too—Margot Robbie is an ambassador, after all.

Creative director Virginie Viard created five looks that appear in the movie: three suits and a dress for Robbie’s Barbie, plus a ski suit for Ryan Gosling’s Ken. The French fashion house also provided quilted bags and other accessories, like sunglasses, hats from Maison Michel and jewelry. (Did you catch that double-C charm necklace toward the end of the film?)


Barbie‘s Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran, who has previously worked on the likes of Beauty and the Beast and Little Women, chose some of the rosy outfits from Chanel’s Coco Beach and Coco Neige ready-to-wear collections.

“Barbie could really wear anything. You need some ground rules,” Durran previously told Vanity Fair. “And one of the ground rules was that [Barbie] would always be perfectly dressed for whatever she was going to do. And it’s also ‘beautiful people in beautiful places doing beautiful things.’” Hence, wearing Chanel makes perfect sense.


“Even on the set, there was one look where I have a pink love-heart-shaped Chanel bag, and I remember all the girls on the set were like: ‘Can I hold it?’” Robbie says in video interview with Chanel.

She also talks about getting to wear a piece Claudia Schiffer wore on runway in the ‘90s: “There were some incredible outfits that I actually got to wear that Claudia Schiffer herself, who’s kind of like a real-life Barbie, wore,” Robbie says. “In fact, one of the archival suits that I wore had a little label that said ‘Claudia’ on it. And I was like, ‘Wow!’”

Robbie also sported the designer during her uber-stylish press tour ahead of the film’s release. While her wardrobe spanned Schiaparelli couture, Moschino, and vintage Versace, her Chanel looks included a yellow tweed suit and a vintage pink blazer (at the airport, no less).

This isn’t the first time Robbie’s Chanel ambassadorship has made its way onto the screen. For her role in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon last year, she wore pieces from the Chanel High Jewelry collection.