An Air Canada flight attendant uniform from the mid to late 1960s.

Admit it—at one point or another, you dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. Imagine a day’s work consisting of
jet-setting to Fiji, your commute thousands of feet above sea level, and your ride… Then, of course, there’s the fashion. The outfits that adorn the glamorous cabin crew have long been of interest to passengers. Last fall, armchair travellers indulged their airborne fascination admiring the pillbox hats, gloves and slim-fitting blue suits on the ABC series 
Pan Am. Last week, Air Canada celebrated its 75th anniversary with a retrospective fashion show in Toronto displaying every flight attendant uniform since the company’s inception in 1937. (Back then, of course, the term "stewardess" was in full force. Times certainly have changed.) The Air Canada show displayed a selection of looks spanning seven decades, starting with the first in-flight uniform that was purchased off the rack at The Bay. At a time when only nurses could work as cabin crew, Air Canada employed two flight attendants who developed the look: a two-buttoned beige gabardine suit. A brick red handkerchief was tucked into the breast pocket, and matched the red blouse, along with brown shoes and tie. A brown wedge cap topped off the look.
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