If there’s anyone who deserves credit for seeing us go from who we want to be to whom we actually become – and giving us a few inspiring words along that way – it’s mom. This
Mother’s Day, some of our favourite Canadian designers pay tribute to the women who influenced their distinct styles and continue to stand by them as they shine in the spotlight. For that, we thank them too.
Chloé Comme Parris
Fave memory: ”We both have so many memories of sewing and making clothes and art with our mother when we were little. We would make DIY gift-wrapping paper and she would lay down a huge piece paper and we would run around and paint it and then use it to wrap everything come birthday and holidays. Most recently, our favorite mom moments are of drinking tea in her bed [where] we will sit and chat/gossip/get advice on work, life, boys – everything. We feel as though our relationship is getting stronger as we are getting older and have found that as you age you begin to realize that your parents are more like you than not.”
Words of wisdom: ”She always told us to stay true to ourselves and not to be afraid of being vulnerable because that is what makes you creative. We love her so much for that – it’s pretty priceless advice.”
Celebration this year: “We’re all spending Mother’s Day together at our childhood home. We’re both heading to her place to cook her a surprise dinner. We’re making her favorite – which we’ve never cooked before! – so hopefully all goes smoothly. We think she’ll love it and she definitely deserves it.”