Can Alex Wang be my new BFF?

Jul 15 2010 by
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A picture is worth a thousand words

By: Lara Ceroni, Photography courtesy of Holt Renfrew (sketch by Alexander Wang).

Months ago I received an email from one of our long-standing web writers,
Nancy Won. The subject line was bare and the email empty except for one attachment. Curious, I clicked on it to see what image could possibly warrant such a stoic delivery. Upon opening, a gasp escaped my lips and goose-bumps trickled up my arms. Ladies, you’ll appreciate this. It seems that Nancy was the proud, new owner of
Alexander Wang’s Freja lace-up boots. You know the ones I’m talking about: The peep-toe, military-inspired, urban-cool booties that go with everything, and that you would wear with anything. Nancy has always had a very Manhattan-meets-Dostoevsky vibe about her, so the footwear most certainly fit the female. 
Back to the boots. To. Die. For. Clearly no dialogue was needed for me to share in Nancy’s euphoria for this stellar fashion find. Reportedly they were almost completely sold-out when they hit the market and near-impossible to find, but leave it up to an industrious lover of fashion to find them. Was I jealous? Umm, that would be an orgasmic "Yes!" Did I look in my bank account to see if I could somehow swing the $675.00 US price tag? You bet (The verdict, btw? I can’t.) Beyond the boots, Alexander Wang has managed to swoop in and steal all of our hearts (and the CFDA,
thankyouverymuch) with his edgy sportswear designs and utilitarian focus. So, imagine my glee when Holt Renfrew calls to say he’s coming to our fair city for an afternoon fête celebrating his success. Join me — and the rest of us fanatical fashion editors — on Wednesday, July 21st (12 noon-1:30pm; Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor Street West). Will the aforementioned boots be present? I’m not wasting any time to find out; Thursday is pay day, after all.

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