As if aspiring to own a Burberry trench (
any Burberry trench) wasn’t idealistic enough, the London-based fashion house has upped the ante… way up.
Burberry Bespoke is an online service whereby loyalists can customize their own trenches. To begin, you select style and length. Are you a Kensington ("A modern fit double-breasted that lightly graces the hip") or a Wiltshire Shearling ("A heritage cotton gabardine trench with distinctive shearling sleeves")? Starting price: $1634. Next comes the length, fabric and colour (easy, umm, honey beige anyone?) followed by a multitude of tricked-out options. If you’re eying the brass studded sleeves that both
Kate Bosworth and
Emma Watson have been snapped cloaked in, go for it. It is pretty damn cool (for an even cooler price tag of $1361)  especially after viewing the look on the site’s on-screen simulator.

Let’s face it; we’re in the game now, so why not also include the matching studded belt ($266), a natural fox-fur collar ($342) and, just because bespoke should be taken as literally as possible, my personal monogram for good measure (Hey, what do ya know; that’s free!) All told, my "OMG, is that… no…
Burberry?!" will ring me up $3337. Christmas may be less than a month away, but in 8 weeks’ time I’ll be celebrating something much more special.