Instagram offers an endless repository of street style inspiration—if you know who to follow, of course.

From the effortlessly cool French girls to the bolder New York fashion scene and the minimal Scandinavians, the platform gives you access to the street style and fashion greats from almost every corner of the globe.

While the list of Instagram’s best fashion influencers can be endless, we’ve narrowed down a few of the most inspiring to get you started.

Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)


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Camille Charriere is a writer, model and all-round French style icon. Her Instagram is full of cool-girl style inspiration while also offering a glimpse into her work in the fashion industry, including articles that she’s penned for publications such as ELLE UK and British Vogue.

Melissa Bon (@melissabon)


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Melissa Bon’s enviable aesthetic emerges from her Franco-Swiss and Ethiopian background. With a talent for combining classic pieces (such as the reliable button-down shirt) with more unexpected statement items, Melissa’s account is a lesson in it-girl style.

Sasha Mei (@sasha.mei)


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Toronto-based content creator Sasha Mei has mastered the art of looking casually chic. Stay for the beautiful landscape shots (courtesy of Mei’s travels), but leave with a ton of fashion inspiration (think: soft linens, chic pastels and classic silhouettes).

Monikh Dale (@monikh)


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Monikh Dale is a stylist and fashion blogger from London, whose account showcases a dreamy wardrobe of classic, elegant pieces that we immediately want to add to cart.

Pernille Teisbaek (@pernilleteisbaek)


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Danish stylist and influencer Penille Teisbaek is the epitome of Scandi-cool with a penchance for luxe materials and vintage pieces. Her Instagram offers you an intimate look at her personal style, and work in the fashion industry.

Amy Julliette Lefévre (@lefevrediary)

Amy Julliette Lefévre is a model and fashion influencer from New York City, who went viral for refusing to wear racist accessories on the runway. Amy’s stance against racism might be what first drew us to the model but her exquisitely feminine style is what keeps us returning to her Instagram account.

Rachel Spencer (@rachspeed)


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Rachel Spencer is a content creator and entrepreneur from Toronto. While she has been on the internet for years, Spencer gained a massive following on TikTok with her thrifting hauls. Recently, she launched her brand, Spenny Road, which consists of versatile accessories that are handmade by Spencer in her home. For fun takes on Y2K fashion, we’ve found the gal to follow.

Matilda Djerf (@matildadjerf)


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From her enviable bouncy blonde hair to her iconic blazer over a dress style, Matilda Djerf might be Instagram’s favourite Scandi influencer. With a label of her own and a talent for looking good in everything she puts on, the Swedish influencer isn’t only modelling this generation’s style but making it.

Anaa Sabar (@anaasaber)


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New York based model and stylist, Anaa Saber showcases her uniquely sporty, Gen-Z aesthetic on her highly popular Instagram account. Anaa constantly surprises us with the unexpected pieces she so perfectly styles, and always inspires us to go bolder with our own looks.

Allegra Shaw (@allegrashaw)


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A recognizable face in the Toronto fashion scene, Allegra Shaw is a chic content creator and entrepreneur. Her brand, Uncle Studios, is a company determined to create a space for longevity in clothing and showcasing how to make responsible choices while shopping. Head to her Instagram for a mix of high-fashion inspiration, luxury looks and everyday street style.