Q: L’Oreal Fashion Week is produced by:

a) The Toronto City Council

b) The Fashion Design Council of Canada

The Society of Canadian Fashion Designers

d) The Toronto Fashion Incubator

Q: What was the tagline for L’Oreal Fashion Week this year?

a) Fashion is our Passion

b) Spring is in the Air

c) F is for Fabulous

d) Canadian Fashion Rocks

Q: How many volunteers worked the shows during L’Oreal Fashion Week?

a) 100

b) 200

c) 300


Q: Which big-name celebrity stylist was sitting front row on Day One of L’Oreal Fashion Week?

a) Rachel Zoe

b) Phillip Bloch

Nicole Chavez

d) Andrea Leibermann

Q: How many models were hired to strut the catwalks?

a) 800

b) 700

c) 600

d) 500

Q: How many tubes of lipgloss did the makeup teams at L’Oreal go through once the week came to a close?

a) 240

b) 250

c) 260

d) 270

Q: How many bottles of water did the fashion media gulp during the week’s entirety?

a) 5,000

b) 10,000

c) 15,000


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Q: What stylish gentleman was sitting front row at the Bustle show rocking out to the music all while toting his Louis Vuitton carryall?

a) Joe Mimran, Creative Director of Joe Fresh Style

Shinan Govani, writer at The National Post

Pinball Clemens

d) Evan Biddell, winner of last year’s
Project Runway Canada

Q: Which fashion show seemingly drew inspiration for their Spring 2009 collection from TV’s uber-popular show, Mad Men?

a) League of Lovers & Thieves


Pink Tartan

Carlie Wong

Q: Which designer(s) used the Nelson Mandela quote Walk to Freedom as his inspiration point for his Spring 2009 collection?

a) Jason Meyers

David Dixon

c) Zoran Dobric

d) Evan & Dean

Q: Which fashion designer labeled their Spring 2009 collection Nude?

a) Afshin Feiz

b) Joe Fresh Style

c) Joeffer Caoc

d) Evan & Dean

Q: Blake, the dance impresario from So You Think You Can Dance Canada grooved down which runway to kick off the show?

a) Mango

b) GSUS Sindustries

c) Thien Le

d) Buffalo David Bitton

Q: Indie violinist sensation Dr. Draw performed covers by Coldplay, The Beatles and Metallica at which show?

a) Andy The-Anh

Lucian Matis

Denis Gagnon

d) Morales

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1. Fashion Design Council of Canada

2. F is for Fabulous was the tagline for this season’s Spring 2009 collections. Says Robin Kay, President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada and the Executive Director of L’Oreal Fashion Week: “Fabulous was the only “F” word they would let me use!”

3. There were over 400 volunteers who helped many a frenzied journalist to their seats during the week.

4. Phillip Bloch sat front-row during the Pink Tartan show which kicked off the week. He also hosted an event at The Four Seasons that same week to launch his debut holiday collection for Emma & Posh, the cashmere line by New Yorker Alison Pnini.

5. 500 models were hired by some of the nation’s top agencies to strut the catwalks for L’Oreal Fashion Week.

6. Over 250 tubes of lipgloss were applied to create the perfect pouts on the working models!

7. Over 10,000 bottles of water were consumed, likely used by the journalists to re-hydrate after the copious glasses of champagne served at the after-parties.

8. That would be Pinball Clemens who was doing some serious seat dancing while checking out the Bustle show. Too cute!

9. Pink Tartan. The models walked the runway with ruby-red lips and matching nails, gorgeous Hermes-inspired scarves wrapped around their heads while wearing colourful fitted cardigans, adorable, floral A-line skirts and sexy wrap-dresses.

10. David Dixon. His tribal-themed show with the backdrop of a rural African scene was inspired by the quote from Nelson Mandela.

11. Joeffer Caoc. In traditional Caoc style, models paraded the runway in simple, sleek and sophisticated silhouettes with ivory, black and nude being the most dominant colour palette.

12. Blake danced his way down the runway to an impressed crowd before Gsus Sindustries started their show. Arguably one of the most entertaining shows of the week!

13. Andy The-Anh. Dr. Draw, who also performed at The-Anh’s show in Montreal, provided the tunes for the presentation where he rocked out covers from U2, The Rolling Stones and ACDC. After the show, the crowd was treated to a short performance by the Toronto-based musician. Very cool!

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