We’re so happy to be able to share the official December 2012 newsstand cover starring Taylor Swift. I had the pleasure of chatting with Taylor about falling in and out of love, her family, songwriting and, of course, her cat Meredith. I have to say, she left quite an impression on me. Here’s a little preview of what Taylor opens up about in ELLE Canada:
On fame “I’m always analyzing everything, so I thought a lot about what my life might be like if this actually happened to me"
On friends “A lot of my friends now are stylists or actresses,” she admits. “But we never end up talking shop. We’re always just talking about our lives and our feelings and our relationships and our constant, never-ending, perpetual mini-dramas that happen on a daily basis.”
On music “I just don’t feel like writing songs about anything other than human emotions because it’s such a fascinating thing…. What else is there other than love?” I hope you enjoy it! Look for the December 2012 issue on newsstands soon.