If the Mad Hatter and characters from Downton Abbey took a Louis Vuitton train ride, they’d end up in Alice in Fashion Wonderland. #pfw
That was my tweet seconds after the
Louis Vuitton show closed earlier this morning in Paris.
Marc Jacobs had taken the assembled crowd on a creative and wild ride that began the moment the vintage replica steam engine, which was built especially for this show, chugged into the tent. Inside the car sat the most fashionable train patrons one could imagine. “The passengers have a chequered past,” read the show notes. “They arrive, with a vast amount of
baggage, from a journey begun somewhere in the countryside travelling to this grand edifice in the city. They are met by smartly uniformed baggage handlers, hired and attired by the station company today: Louis Vuitton.”
What were these posh patrons wearing? Click here.