finalmorningmustreadIt’s Black Friday, do you know where your credit card is? We rounded up the best online shopping deals to celebrate right from you desktop today.
[] It’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham, who guest edited
Vogue Paris‘ December issue, probably thought what everyone else was hoping for all along and decided to put David Beckham on the cover, along with herself. Well played.
[Grazia Daily] Kate Middleton attended a SportsAid event wearing a crochet dress by Temperley London along with a red clutch and her signature blowout. But if she wants to outshine her husband on the blogosphere this week, she’ll likely need a duet with any aging British rock star. Or a pixie cut. Your move, Duchess.
[Cosmopolitan UK] Jennifer Lawrence (and Jonah Hill and Martha Stewart’s) latest gig is a little more, shall we say, local? For a skit on on the David Letterman show, the A-listers re-enacted a certain admission speech by a certain Toronto mayor. Enjoy.
[Buzzfeed] Just when you thought you were all up to speed on your reincarnated donuts, those magical creators at New York’s Macaron Parlour have thrown us for a sugary loop, combining doughnut pastry with marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs. Behold, the Smonut.
[Daily Mail]