finalmorningmustreadThe top moments from the CAFAs this weekend prove that it may have been the most fashionable night out in Canada.
[] Meet the
other Brit It-girl model, who would actually despise that title, Edie Campbell. “I actually can’t think of anything worse than being famous," she confesses. And now, we love you even more.
[i-D Magazine] The VP of design for Barbie reveals why the 55-year-old doll’s proportions are the way they are: "Barbie’s body was never designed to be realistic. She was designed for girls to easily dress and undress."
[Fast Company] First there were the rumours that Kim Kardashian was in LA shooting for
Vogue, and now she’s revealed freshly dyed dark locks, leaving the rest of us to ponder whether the events are in any way correlated.
[] Social media-forward designer Rebecca Minkoff is partnering with Keek, a social sharing platform for video, to give her followers a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes events leading up to her runway show at New York Fashion Week this Friday.