finalmorningmustreadHow to get those "OMG, your bum looks great in those pants!"-kinda blue jeans.
[] Next spring, the Fashion Institute of Technology will launch an exhibit on Lauren Bacall, focusing on five designers who helped define the legendary actress’ influence on fashion.
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Forbes just released its annual list of highest-paid models, featuring Gisele ($47 million), Adriana Lima ($8 million) and Miranda Kerr ($7 million). You may now return to your day job.
[Forbes] Get ready for more Keanu Reeves in your personal space: the actor is set to star in a new TV series,
Rain–based on the bestselling novels of Barry Eisler–as the title character John Rain, “a half-Japanese, half-American contract assassin who specializes in taking out his targets by making it look like death by natural causes.” EXCELLENT!
[Vanity Fair] Meet Erik Hassle, whose track “Pathetic” is featured in our "Romantic" shoppable video.