finalmorningmustreadWhen Kate Middleton attends spy school, she wears McQueen.
[] One can only hope to aspire to the combined do-good awesomeness of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who saw a group of paparazzis while dining out in Manhattan, and decided to redirect their attention to causes that actually need it. Well done, you two.
[Buzzfeed] You guys, Jared Leto did this to his face, and now I’m not so sure about him.
[Instagram] Dov Charney, the Montreal-born founder, president and CEO of American Apparel, has been the subject of several high-profile sexual harassment lawsuits of late. And now, the board has voted to suspend and eventually terminate Charney for the alleged misconduct.
[Jezebel] These are the stylish young up-and-comers to know now.