finalmorningmustreadWe were in Montreal for Osheaga 2014 this weekend. This is what we saw.
[] Over at Michael Kors, it’s all about the boys, as the mega-brand sets its targets on up to 500 company-owned stores selling nothing but menswear.
[Businessweek] If there’s a muscle in your body, who better than Cristiano Ronaldo to show you how to work it? The Real Madrid football star has released an endorsement ad for a Japanese health-care product called Facial Fitness Pao. We’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to deduce how this can improve your life.
[The Cut] Shoe label Nine West has released a provocative new ad campaign that has some people laughing, some people up in arms (though there’s more of the latter, we suspect). According to their fall campaign, you now have footwear to suit every need, from “starter husband hunting” to “anticipatory walk of shame”.
[Huffington Post] It’s official this time: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have called it quits again, citing busy careers as the catalyst for a “mutual agreement” to uncouple.