When it comes to deciding what’s the most essential space in your home, a strong case could be made for the living room. It’s a spot that’s host to lazy lap dinners, single-series binge-watching and all your friends on a stay-in Saturday night. At the centre of all the action? Your couch. That’s why it should be one that makes total sense for your space. Everything from shape and colour to comfort and configuration plays a key role in making it the most practical piece in your house.

A new kind of furniture brand

All those factors are taken into account by Cozey, a Montreal-based company that’s set on reimagining everything about the furniture-buying experience. Started by Frédéric Aubé when he was just 23 and still a student, Cozey is founded on a simple but effective idea: modern, fully modular furniture (sofas and sectionals) that’s designed through a direct-to-consumer model so you get high-quality pieces and fair prices.

Customization made simple

When we tell you that Cozey has thought of everything, we really mean it. The process of customizing your own couch—start by taking your pick from the Original or the Ciello—is designed to be easy at every step. The simple-to-use site lets you make adjustments with the click of a button, while an augmented-reality feature helps you actually picture the sofa in your space. If you’re the type who needs an in-person visual, you can get no-cost colour swatches shipped to your house for free in two days. Plus, with every Cozey couch fitting together perfectly, you can add modules over time to suit your space’s changing needs.

Fuss-free set-up

Another core brand tenet is about nixing all the obstacles that usually come with buying furniture. Ever buy a new sofa only to realize it won’t squeeze through your front entrance? Cozey pieces come in boxes—with handles!—that fit through any doorway. Did we mention that assembling your Cozey furniture is totally tool-free? Just a couple of quick snaps, and it’s complete. Lastly, there are no drawn-out wait times to receive your Cozey pick—it’s all in stock before you hit “purchase” and is shipped to your door within two to five days.

Returns are never wasted

Another cool element of Cozey’s mandate is its 30-day-trial policy. If you’re not totally into your sofa, you can return it, no questions asked and free of charge. But that gently used piece doesn’t go to waste—either it’s inspected, restored and offered in Cozey’s refurbished line, or the brand partners with shelters and organizations across the country that donate them to houseless folks and those living in marginalized communities.

It’s all part of Cozey’s drive to disrupt the industry standard. In the near future, expect new couch models, more personalization options, fresh cushions and throws to bring a colourful accent to your new sofa and other types of furniture.