The age of boho hippie vibes and disco glam has simply never gone out of style. Whether it’s the conversation pits that caught your eye, or the linoleum flooring, the 1970s is the decade of furniture fantasy. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are the best 1970s home decor trends that are still giving us all the feels.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan really defined the decade’s classic boho vibe and remains an integral aspect of recreating a seventies-inspired home. With its classic laid-back look, you can opt for an accent piece such as a chair or headboard, or go big and fill your entire room with rattan. There’s no going wrong.

Linoleum Floors

In keeping up with the groovy times, flooring was anything but plain. Linoleum was a must-have no matter the room and available in a wide variety of patterns and colour schemes.

Animal Print Rugs

Your perfect 1970s living room throwback isn’t complete without an animal print rug. This decor piece works with any home style, from modern all the way to bohemian. When it comes to decorating with animal print, less is usually more, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from mixing and matching the meows.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture was a big hit in the 1970s and continues to live on in modern home decor. From retro couches to a pop of colour throw pillow, velvet is a great way to add texture and luxury to your living room.

Patterned Wallpaper

If the walls of 1970s homes weren’t lined with wood paneling, they were covered in bright and bold wallpaper. From oversized florals, to colourful geometric shapes, wallpaper remains a great way to add an old-school vibe to any room.


Terrazzo is everywhere – no, really. From flooring to countertops to backsplash, terrazzo was used in nearly any form while always looking tasteful. With its popularity marking the 1970s, the home decor element still remains a style suitable for all tastes.

Inflatable Furniture

Remember the inflatable furniture you proudly displayed in your room circa 1990 when it was in fact making a strong comeback? Marketed as the perfect furniture for city dwellers in the 1970s, it was easy to blow up, easy to transport, and easy to store.

Conversation Pits

The social high of the 1970s was the starting point for what would become an unforgettable fad: a shallow divot in the floor, square or circular, filled with cushions and rugs. Now, this was interior brilliance.

Lava Lamps

Fun fact: There is a lava lamp on permanent display in the Smithsonian. With its popularity emerging in the 1960s and continuing through the 1970s, this is a decor item we will never not love.

Exposed Brick Walls

The exposed brick walls featured in 1970s homes added character and flair to any room. This trend can give even the most modern of homes an industrial edge – and we all know how much that’s in right now.

Macramé Everything

Macramé was the creative craze of the 1970s. Used for everything from plant holders to decorative wall art, it was, and still is, a great way to add texture and colour to any room.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Who wouldn’t want a fully functional swimming pool all year round? The 1970s presented swimming pools as much more than just an outdoor activity – they became artistic and aesthetic elements.

Retro Colours

The 1970s was the decade of bold colour schemes. Everything from wall art and shag carpets to kitchen cabinets and refrigerators could be found in avocado green, harvest gold and burnt orange.

Transparent Bathtubs

In an era of bold and seemingly bizarre design choices, bathtubs were no exception. The popular transparent bathtub formed the foundation of future inspirational bathroom architecture and interior design.

Statement Stone Fireplace

A fireplace was and still is the heart of any home. Made of rough rocks and dominating a whole living room wall, this bold trend was hot from the start.

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