A sad but true fact: we can’t all get the Queer Eye treatment. No matter how long we wish for Netflix’s fab five to energetically whisk into our lives for a transformative week, it’ll probably never happen. 

Luckily, Bobby Berk is here to help. The interior designer has partnered with Airbnb Plus to reveal his easy design secrets that will make your small living space feel much larger—which, judging from the show, is definitely something he knows how to do.  (For the uninitiated, Airbnb Plus homes are super-high end properties that have hotel-like amenities. They are available in 14 cities around the world, including Toronto and Montreal, with more to come.)

One tip we’ll definitely be implementing ourselves? Placing decor above eye level. “When you hang things up higher, it makes your space feel taller,” Berk says in a video with an Airbnb Plus host. Adorning your walls at your eye level—a relative measurement—just isn’t an effective use of space, he explains. 

For more of Berk’s tips, check out the video below.