The Cindy Crawford effect is real. At the unveiling of luxury surface manufacturer Cosentino’s Toronto showroom, Crawford’s elegant arrival rendered the buzzing room of journalists speechless. But there was no sign of “Cindy Crawford the supermodel” during our chat— just a genuine design aficionado (she’s the global ambassador for quartz brand Silestone by Cosentino) and the proud mom of models Kaia, 17, and Presley, 19.




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TEENAGE DREAM  “I’ve loved design since my sister moved out of my room when I was 17. I got to redecorate. I got mini-blinds and a duvet that matched the new wallpaper.”


GOALS “I have the best closet in Malibu! [Laughs] I got to design it. But I spend most of my time in our kitchen. That’s where we play games and where the kids do their homework.”

NICE FOR WHAT “My goal is to be more inclusive and supportive of everybody. It goes back to the golden rule: Treat other people the way you would want to be treated.”


HOME IMPROVEMENT “Building a house with your spouse is a good test of a marriage. When we built our first house together, we each had a vision and we kind of went with neither—which was safe.”


GOOD GENES “We just did a reno at our Malibu house. Kaia wanted an all-white bedroom. Presley doesn’t know what his room looks like underneath all the clothes. But they comment on design now. I think our family has a vocabulary around design.”