ChaceCrawford Chace Crawford joined writer Cameron Labine for a quick photo session in our studio at the Whistler Film Festival. They were in town to promote Mountain Men. Photo Evaan Kheraj

Even before Chace Crawford made his way to
our photo studio at the
Whistler Film Festival, his star power was felt—or at least heard. Wow…the guy’s got a commanding voice. “He’s the guy you get to just read the phone book,” remarked our fab photog Evaan Kheraj. The
Gossip Girl alumni was tag-teaming with Cameron Labine, the Canadian writer of Crawford’s latest film,
Mountain Men. The movie is a comedy/drama about two brothers who head into the backwoods to evict a squatter from their family cabin in the mountains. They damage their car, burn the cabin down and are left stranded. In their struggle for survival, egos and long-buried resentments get in the way. When asked to define what it means to be a mountain man, the Texas-born actor defers to Labine—who is known for his film
Control Alt Delete, which premiered at the
Toronto International Film Festival in 2008. “To me, the mountain
man isn’t the literal mountain man,” Labine explains. “It’s more the mountain man of the heart. The man who isn’t afraid to tackle life’s terrain and stand tall against the storm.” “That was a really good answer,” says Crawford. “Yes, my character has gotten caught up with being in the city. He can’t run from everything; he has to go back and face things head-on.”
Okay, time for these two to face off in our Actor’s Studio-inspired quiz.