sara_gadon_2Sarah Gadon proves she’s the Smart Girl at the Party in our photo shoot. Photo: Evaan Kheraj

The last time I met Sarah Gadon, she had just spent an entire week in bed with Jake Gyllenhaal. Okay, not really. The pair were filming scenes from the movie The Enemy and she had taken the day off to do our cover shoot. I remember thinking that being with us for the day wouldn’t be quite as thrilling.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of interviewing her again. This time, we were onstage at the “Spotlight On” series at the
Whistler Film Festival, where the Toronto-born actress was being honoured for her work in film. Like with our first encounter, I soon learned that Sarah had just spent the past few weeks with another handsome man: Jamie Dornan, the star of
50 Shades of Grey. Another hard act to follow, I thought. Not surprisingly, she charmed the room with her thoughtful answers, wit and warmth. The next day, she popped into the
ELLE Canada photo studio for some pics. She also took our Actor’s Studio-inspired quiz.
Find out who she’d push off a chairlift.