One of my New Year’s resolutions was to clean out the cupboard by my clothes closet where I have hoarded everything from diaries, an unused flute and embroidered napkins from my grandmother that I have never used. There’s also a rather large plastic container, which my husband calls my “box of memories.”
Inside, I’ve squirreled away a random collection of letters, photos and drawings that I’ve kept since I was in my late teens. There are sappy love notes, thoughtful cards from friends and long letters from my family that I received while I was traveling through the Middle East and Asia. As this adventure predated cell phones and text messages my only way of communicating with them cheaply involved them writing me notes to “post restante” c/o the various cities I toured through.
I’ve often thought that one of the drawbacks to life and love in the digital age is that there isn’t always a tangible reminder of these key moments. But then I read a story in the New Yorker about an app called Between…

Read on to see if this love app is indeed the sentimental digital equivalent to my box of memories.