What Kate Middleton wore on day one of the royal tour

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NZEALAND-BRITAIN-AUSTRALIA-ROYALSValiant effort, Kate. (Image courtesy of Getty)

The royal tour of New Zealand and Australia kicked off today with that most royal of activities, getting off a long-haul flight and immediately making small talk with a man with a very visible, very tattooed rear end.
Kate and Prince George all disembarked in Wellington, the country’s capital, this morning: and they all looked pretty great (I’m assuming they didn’t get dressed in the confines of an economy class washroom). Instead of having to clear customs like us mere mortals, they were instead greeted by dignitaries, including representatives of the Maori people (which is when all the nose rubbing happened).
Kate wore a red military style coat by Brit designer Catherine Walker, and topped it off with an amazing pill box hat by Gina Foster. The best touch, however? She wore a diamond-and-platinum
fern brooch (a symbol of the Kiwi nation), on loan from the Queen – who’d actually been gifted the piece when she visited the country decades earlier.
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