A manicured man, a sports stud or a rude rebel — What turns you off when meeting a new man? We ask some industry insiders to dish on what the opposite sex can do to drive them in the opposite direction!

“If we’re talking superficial, physical deal-breakers, it would be when a guy spends more time in front of the mirror than I do. If I’m unsure as to whether or not he’s just working the metrosexual-thing, then that’s a problem! If we’re talking deeper issues, it would be when a guy is unworldly and also, doesn’t understand the close bond I have with my family.” — Stefanie Polsinelli, Editorial Assistant, ELLE Canada.

“Aggressiveness really turns me off … and bad B.O., too!” — Nikki Linton, Senior Editor, ELLE Canada.

“I’ll be honest, there are some characteristics that I’d never tolerate in a partner and none of them are physical attributes. Rudeness to friends, family and strangers, is something I really can’t accept. Unkindness and rudeness are the two things that leap first to my mind as qualities that would make me send a man packing.” — Natalie Bahadur, Online Editor, Style at Home.

“Badly manicured face hair — Yes, that includes all the Masaris and Sean Desmonds out there!” — Beatriz Juarez, Art Director, ELLE Canada.

“The total fuzzy-worm uni-brow, eeeck!” — Patricia Cavazzini, Associate Art Director, ELLE Canada.

“Manicured eyebrows on a straight man. Without question!” — Lara Ceroni, Online Editor, ELLE Canada.

“No sense of humour — major problem.” — Noreen Flanagan, Managing Editor, ELLE Canada.

“Watching sports on T.V. has to be mine!” — Catherine Gray, Online-Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Canada.

“Good manners will get you everywhere. General rudeness or disrespect is a certain deal-breaker. Whether it’s a snide comment to the waiter or you’ve insulted my friend in some misguided attempt to let me know you’re interested in me and not her, I’d rather spend time with a gentleman, thanks.” — Jen Melo, Online Editor, Homemakers.

–By Lara Ceroni

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