Selena Gomez is letting the world know she is very happy with her life, even as some commenters attempt to bring her into the conversation regarding her ex Justin Bieber expecting his first child with Hailey Bieber.

Gomez shared multiple Instagram Stories and an Instagram post promoting her new show, Selena + Restaurant, this afternoon shortly after the pregnancy news broke. She also shared a new black and white photo of herself holding hands with her boyfriend, Benny Blanco, with a big ring on display in the shot.

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Gomez has been dating Blanco since June 2023. She went public with their relationship in December, revealing on social media that Blanco “has treated me better than any human being on this planet.” She added in a second comment that he was “better than anyone I’ve ever been with.”

A source told Us Weekly on May 3 that Gomez considers Blanco to be “the love of her life.” A second source said, “She definitely sees this relationship going the distance. They’ve talked about marriage and having children and are very much on the same page.”

Last month, Blanco spoke to WSJ magazine about how he realized he was in love with Gomez after about a decade of friendship. “I was the last one to know,” he said. “It’s crazy how your partner could just be sitting there the whole time, right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even notice, and then you have that Clueless moment where you’re like, ‘Wait, I’m in love.’”

As for Bieber, who Gomez dated on-off for eight years? She closed the chapter on him years ago. They broke up for good in spring 2018.

In her My Mind and Me documentary, Gomez spoke about writing “Lose You to Love Me,” which came out in October 2019, and admitted their breakup was “the best thing” that happened to her.

She didn’t mention Bieber by name but alluded to the end of their relationship, saying, “The song is about knowing that you completely lost every part of who you are just to rediscover yourself again. Everything was so public. I felt haunted by a past relationship that no one wanted to let go of. But then I just moved past it, and I wasn’t afraid anymore.

“I feel like I had to go through the worst possible heartbreak ever and then just forgetting everything at the drop of a hat, it was really confusing,” she continued. “But I just think that needed to happen and ultimately it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

The documentary’s director, Alek Keshishian, asked her to repeat that. She initially declined cheekily, then confirmed: “It was the best thing that ever happened to me, yes.”

This article originally appeared in ELLE US.

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