Best of the summer music festivals

Best of the summer music festivals

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Best of the summer music festivals

June 22 to 26, 2016, England

Vibe Coachella for Her Majesty’s subjects.

The essentials
Glasto” is back with headliners Adele and Coldplay set to play to over 100,000 blissed-out Brits moshing in a farmer’s field.

Roughing it
In years past, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and both Delevingnes have set up tent (or tricked-out Winnebago) in the VIP camping area. Snoop Lion and Shakira are both fans of the fest’s signature accommodation: the deluxe teepee.

Weather alert The “Glastonbury mud hole” is well documented on YouTube—English “summer” often means rain, so the fest is notoriously mucky.

What to pack The only time we don’t recommend wearing a breezy caftan is while you’re crowd-surfing.

Big moment Jay Z playing “Wonderwall” on an acoustic guitar in 2008.

While you’re there
Soak the mud off your wellies at Thermae Bath Spa, Britain’s only spring-fed spa, in use since Roman times.

If camping’s not your thing
Book an Imperial Suite at the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel. Clean off the day’s grit with Molton Brown toiletries before tucking into champagne and canapés delivered to your room every evening.

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June 9 to 12, 2016, Manchester, Tennessee

Vibe Hippie commune with a Taylor Swift twang.

The essentials
For something happening a mere 100 kilometres from Nashville, “Roo” is surprisingly less battle-of-the-banjos and more back-to-the-earth-free-spirit-love-in. Now in its 15th season, the festival is renowned for its friendliness and a musical menu that mixes names big and small. Pearl Jam and Ellie Goulding will be playing alongside indie darlings like Haim and Purity Ring.

Get ready to literally disconnect: Cell service is almost non-existent across the 283 hectares of countryside where 80,000 nature-loving “Bonnaroovians” will roam.

What to pack
You’re not a real flower child without a floral headband.

Fun fact
The fest takes its name from bon au rue (“good on the road”), in honour of the Louisiana tradition of street performance.

While you’re there
Whether you’re a Grand Ole Opry kinda gal or you just want to see where Faith Hill lives, Nashville’s Tours by Locals can customize a behind-the-scenes peek at the country-music capital.

If camping’s not your thing Snuggle in front of a roaring fire or get some fresh air on your balcony at the sleek Hutton Hotel in Nashville.

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June 25 to July 2, 2016, Denmark

Vibe Burning Man meets MTV, with a dash of Nordic social policy.

The essentials This is a thoroughly Scandinavian event – the kind where Rihanna and some obscure Swedish folk band share a billing. There’s a daily festival-centric newspaper, and all of its profits go to charity.

This is a celeb-free zone, but there are lots and lots of impossibly attractive blond people.

Signature quote
“It’s the Orange Feeling, man,” which refers to the “mystical” state only found at the festival – all natural, we’re sure.

Getting there
The festival has its own train station, and it’s an easy (and eco-friendly!) 35-kilometre jaunt from Copenhagen.

Roughing it
Themed campsites are popular – but Lord of the Rings has already been done, so get creative!

Dive in
The fest has its very own lake – moonlit skinny-dipping seems inevitable, no?

What to pack
If you don’t want to bare it all, stand out in a bright bikini.

While you’re there
Embark on a four-hour Danish-delicacy extravaganza (starring chocolate!) with Copenhagen Food Tours.

If camping’s not your thing Book a room at the Hotel D’Angleterre for gilded panel opulence and afternoon tea.

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Best of the summer music festivals