Kardashian-Christmas-Card-Full A close up look at the card after the jump below.

The latest gift to churn out of the
Kardashian family workshop is something we’ve hoping for all year. This season, the family turned to famed photographer David LaChapelle to snap their most -ahem- festive portrait. Was this self-indulgent set-up
Kanye’s suggestion? To use an analogy coined by our senior web editor Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, the Kardashians are the junk food of media (quite fitting as LaChapelle has labeled this card as a ‘pop culture apocalypse’). Bare with me for a moment as I explain. Just like Cheetos (Jenn specifically made this reference), when it comes to the Kardashians, the cheesiness is just so tempting. You devour it all up until you’re overwhelmed with guilt. This card is no different — I just can’t get enough. But here are a few things I’m left wondering about: 1. Why is Bruce Jenner in a glass tube with a neon cashier sign? A little confusing considering he and Kris are
happily separated. 2. Noticeably missing are Kanye and North…well, if you don’t count the very inconspicuous magazine cover scattered at Kendall’s feet (I had loads of Where’s Waldo books as a child, can you tell?). Side note: Is Kanye throwing a jab at Rolling Stone Magazine by mixing it in with gossip mags? 3. Is that an Illuminati symbol? Hmm. 4. What happened to poor Mason? I’m in a Kardashian Koma. For a closer look at this year’s card, click through