iPhone6-34FR-SpGry_iPhone6plus-34FL-SpGry_Homescreen-PRINTThe new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Unless you were completely unplugged yesterday, you likely heard that Apple made some fairly big announcements. If you want to sound like a member of the stylish digerati, here are five things you need to know:

1. When asked for your thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus… You say: “It’s the Karlie Kloss of smartphones. It’s 5.5 inches high and only 7.1 mm wide, making it the tallest and thinnest phone out there.” Bonus points: If you really want to impress someone, mention that the Retina HD display has nearly three times the pixels of the iPhone 5s. The deets: This new-tech “supe” hits stores on September 19, and pre-orders start on September 12. The iPhone 6 Plus comes in gold, silver and space grey and starts at $859. (The iPhone 6, which is 4.7 inches tall, starts at $749.) 2. The feature you’re geeking out about… You say: “Oh, that’s easy—it’s the improved time-lapse and slow-mo video features. My runway videos from F ashion Week will be the best I’ve ever had.” Bonus points: Toss out a few additional stats that impress you—for example, the faster frame rate of up to 60 fps and the 240 fps for slo-mo. So what’s the one product that will change your life forever? Read on. (more…)