The 5 biggest celebrity stories of 2013

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Miley, queen of the selfie, with her adorable dog Floyd. Photo courtesy of

1. Miley Cyrus can’t stop. First, there was the makeover. Then the break-up with Liam Hemsworth. Then
the most talked-about performance in VMA history
, which turned "twerk" into a mainstream word and "foam finger" into an instant cringe-worthy visual. The embarrassing 
feud with Sinead O’Connor was Miley’s low point—cool-kid brattishnes loses its charm when you make fun of people with mental illness. But you can’t argue with the hits: "We Can’t Stop", "Wrecking Ball" (
with its controversial vid), and now, the leaked, sure-to-be-number-one "Adore You". Miley’s 
Bangerz is THE album of the year, and
2013 is the year that the former Disney princess—for better or worse—grew up.
2. Kate Middleton fires her hairstylist. When you’re the private hairstylist to the Duchess of Cambridge, rule #1 should be obvious: get thee off social media. (Right?!)
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James Pryce was reportedly let go after posting pics of Kate’s royal locks on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t feel sorry for him. Time to wear the hair shirt, James. Oh, and Kate? No more
$1,000 haircuts, please.
Wearing a Zara necklace doesn’t balance the "Let them eat cake" subtext of spending that much at the salon.
3. Jennifer Lawrence rules the world. Our December 2013 cover girl moved effortlessly through the A-list ranks to clinch the #1 celebrity spot of 2013. Whether she was
charming interviewers with her down-to-earth franknesskilling it on the red carpet, or, you know, winning an Oscar at 23, Lawrence became a model of how to win the world’s hearts and minds without wearing out her welcome.
Her surprise pixie cut gave her a burst of momentum to end the year.
4. But Beyoncé rules the universe. Well, they call her Queen B for a reason. Beyoncé started the year in a lip-synching/Superbowl scandal and ended it by surprise 
releasing a self-titled album
complete with 14 tracks and 17 teaser videos. In between, she unveiled a memoirish, behind-the-scenes doc,
Life Is But A Dream, on HBO;
cut her hair into a pixie, transformed it into a bob, then went back to her signature wind-machine hair (with some
technical difficulties) Oh, and 
Blue Ivy stepped out in a custom leather jacketIf Beyoncé had a hashtag for the year, it would be #yourewelcome.

5. Kim and Kanye plumb new depths. I can’t even with these two. Whether it was
Kanye coming off like a complete nut in interviews, or Kim’s calculatedly controversial post-pregnancy appearance in 
"Bound 2", the ultimate exercise in narcissismthe world’s most self-obsessed duo managed to keep themselves in the headlines in 2013. What will they do in 2014? The mind reels. What was your favourite celeb moment of 2013?
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