You’d be hard-pressed to find a more freeing experience than riding a bike. There’s nothing quite like taking to the streets and whizzing past rush hour-traffic with the sun on your face and the proverbial wind in your hair. Can’t you just feel it? Biking is an undeniably joyful way to get from point A to point B, but it’s also one of the most democratic modes of transportation for city dwellers and adventure seekers alike. And yet so few bikes on the market are actually made for women. No, we don’t mean candy-coloured paint jobs; we’re talking frames that actually fit, optimized handling and specifically tuned suspensions for the most comfortable ride.

That’s where Liv Cycling is completely evolving the sport. When founder Bonnie Tu couldn’t find biking gear that performed at a level suited to her needs, she started Liv, the only comprehensive cycling brand in the world that’s wholly dedicated to women. Her aim? To make cycling more inclusive and empower women everywhere with bikes that were made for them in mind.

What makes Liv unique is the brand’s obsession with metrics; a whole host of data points have guided the construction of its beloved fleet of road bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes. The process starts with a multitude of body-dimension calculations, like sitting height and shoulder breadth, that help inform special cycling elements, like narrower handlebars and smaller grips. Comprehensive information on women’s body position, body-weight distribution and natural muscle-firing position has also meant that every pedal push comes with maximum power output, improved handling and fatigue reduction (read “you can go faster for longer.”) Every little detail is taken into consideration, right down to cranksets, saddles and stems. Plus, every performance bike is athlete-tested—that means race-proven too!—so your ride is as close to pro-level perfection as possible. Whether you’re looking to make your morning commute breezier or taking up an adventurous new weekend pursuit (hello, mountain biking), Liv will take you there.