This week Apple unveiled the iPhone 11. While it has plenty of cool technical upgrades, it’s the camera that we got excited over.  If you’re thinking about getting one, here’s what you need to know. 

It has multiple camera lenses. 

iPhone 11’s dual-camera system has wide and ultra-wide lenses that Apple says offer the highest quality video on a smartphone to date. This means your videos will basically look like they were taken on a DSLR by an actual videographer. Winning. 

Video editing tools are built into the new iOS 13, eliminating the need to clog up your phone with dozens of editing apps to crop, change the exposure and and add filters. Also, portrait mode now recognizes non-human faces, like cats and dogs and plants. Fancy photos for everyone! 

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It can see in the dark. 

One of the real game changers (and most requested developments) of the iPhone 11 is the improvement of night-mode photography. The new wide sensor  captures low-light environments, i.e. your meal at the very fancy but very dimly lit hot new restaurant. 

It allows you to take slow-mo selfies.

Content creators rejoice! “Slowfies” are poised to become the newest selfie trend. With the introduction of slow-motion recording on the front-facing camera, hair flipping is about to become a whole lot more glam on the ‘gram. 

It makes deciding between taking a photo or video easier.

Anybody who is familiar with Instagram and Snapchat will be pleased with the new QuickTake feature. It allows users to easily transition between taking photos and recording video, creating a more intuitive experience, like on the aforementioned apps. (Instead of manually switching between photo and video, you just hold down the shutter button.) 

Bonus: It comes in fun new colours.

The iPhone 11 is now in stores, starting at $979. It comes in six different shades ranging from classic red to a (much adored) fresh minty green. It seems only thing it can’t do is your laundry. Can we get an upgrade for that?

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