If you updated your iPhone or Android phone recently (as in, today) you will have noticed two major changes to Instagram. The latest version of the app — version 25 — features two new updates to the Stories feature, and they’re definite game-changers—like you may never use Snapchat again, type of changes.


Stories Archive

Earlier this year, Instagram launched the Archive tool, which allowed Instagrammers to remove and save images they no longer wanted on their feeds (very useful for getting rid of posts that no longer match your colour scheme, for example). With the new updates, the Archive tool will now automatically save your favourite moments from Stories. So you can re-share the riveting Story you took trying to get a piece of the Erdem x H&M collection on your current Instagram Story, or on your profile, whenever you want to relive the drama. 



Stories Highlights

Think of Stories Highlights as a highlight reel, curated by you, of your best Stories. The Highlights will appear as a stand-alone story, and stay until they’re removed. There is no limit on length, so users can add as many Highlights as they want. There’s even the option to give their Highlight a cover image and name. It’s the perfect feature for Instagrammers (like me) who don’t constantly update their Story.


Stories Archive and Highlights are the biggest change to profiles on Instagram since 2013 and, personally, I’m pretty excited.

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