It’ll be your commute BFF. With Super Retina displays (think super-high colour accuracy) delivering vivid pictures, wider stereo sound that is crystal clear and totally immersive and the biggest-ever iPhone screen on the Xs Max (6.5 inches compared to the 5.5-inch screen on the iPhone 8 Plus), you’ll forget you’re stuck on a crowded train the second you hit play on your Netflix queue. The battery on both phones is also said to last longer than their predecessors, so it’ll last you though through those inevitable delays. Plus, they’re both fast-charging—Apple says you can get up to 50 percent battery life in just half an hour—so you can refuel quickly before heading out the door if you need to.


It will make your vacations even better. Camera tech is improved upon the already-impressive iPhone X, meaning your Insta feed will fill up with professional-level travel photos in no time. The Smart HDR feature brings super enhanced detail to your pics—think more shadows and highlights in back-lit backgrounds (which means you’ll be able to pose in front of a window indoors); the highly-covetable portrait mode is back with great depth control to perfectly adjust the background blur on any photo; and they capture movie-like video with that stereo-sound recording. So go ahead, leave your camera at home and use that extra suitcase space for something else—like all the clothes you are going to buy.


It actually encourages you to unplug for a bit. Ever open Instagram to catch up on Busy Philipps’ most recent Stories and suddenly almost an hour has gone by? Us too. With the new phones comes iOS 12, and a new Screen Time feature that tracks how much time you actually spend on your phone—and which apps monopolize your attention. The feature allows you to set the amount of time you want to use an app, sending you reminders when time is almost up. Let’s face it: a little nudge to step away from the screen definitely wouldn’t hurt.


You won’t have to freak out if you drop it in water. Fingers crossed this means no more running around in panic looking for a bowl of rice to dry out your sopping-wet phone in. The Xs and Xs Max have stronger resistance to water, dust and splashes. In fact, Apple claims it has a rating of IP68, which is tech talk for it can withstand up to two metres of water for up to 30 minutes. They can also resist everyday spills, so don’t worry about sleepily knocking over your morning cup of coffee either. We obviously don’t recommend you “drop” your phone in the pool as you sip on cocktails test this out (we’re stressed just thinking about it), but enjoy the peace of mind.


And finally…there’s a new colour! Rose gold is officially no more as the tech company has replaced the soft pink-ish hue with a vibrant, just as covetable-gold phone.




The Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max come in gold, space grey and silver. (From $1379 for the Xs and $1519 for the Xs Max at Image by: Apple