Taylor Swift’s “catty” response to Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance

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But actually, there was a cat. (Instagram.com/taylorswift)

Katy Perry was having a massive, career defining moment watched by millions of people on television last night?
Taylor Swift had NO IDEA. She was way too busy with an important athletic event of her own…starring her touchdown-for-cuteness-scoring cat Meredith.
At approximately the same time last night as Katy Cats (sometimes known as rabid Perry fans) were gearing up to see the pop star shoot fireworks / ride a lion / rock with Lenny, in a kingdom far, far away, Taylor Swift was filming her own kitty cat for an Instagram video captioned "Instant replay of that reception", and featured Meredith leaping around on a bed. Undeniably cute, but maybe just a touch (down) passive aggressive, given the two have a little bit of a history? (You know, the kind where you exchange Twitter barbs and steal each others’ dancers for your world tours and write songs about each other with titles like "Bad Blood"?) What do you think – coincidence or your-move-next-Katy?
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